Why Crypto Clothing will & should become a fast-growing Trend

The demand for crypto-related clothing is now growing more than ever. To cater to this demand, numerous Crypto clothing stores have been opening in the last months. Starting as early as 2016, entrepreneurs have designed clothes depicting Crypto or Blockchain to share their passion with others.
Platforms like Reddit were the first bastions where crypto enthusiasts could gather and share their interest. Then, Memes representing Bitcoin became more and more widespread on the web. When you love something, why not laugh with & about it? The next big step now following the progressive democratization of Bitcoin is the arrival of original Crypto Clothing Stores such as The Bitcoin Shop.
Couple wearing crypto sweatshirt from The Bitcoin Shop
Although we are still in the early adopters phase, the machine is already running: the technology is getting better, the number of Bitcoin wallets does not cease to grow and people are hearing about it. Furthermore, on our scale we can also help to make a difference. We need to stand up together and strongly push to help this beautiful technology to spread out and reach its maturity.


One can wonder why clothing will play a key from in democratizing Bitcoin and why is it so powerful in conveying ideas. The answer lies just below…

At the beginning of History, men have had to produce clothing to protect themselves from the brutal forces of nature. Beyond the simple primary need for protection, men later created different types of clothing to cause a social class divide. For example, during the famous French Revolution in 1789, in which the French people were the first to overthrow their absolutist monarchy, aristocrats scornfully gave the name of "sans-culottes" literally "without breeches" to the common people of the lower classes. Nowadays the idea of clothing to represent a social class has gradually lost ground (even though it still remains to a certain degree especially for luxury clothes). 

We have all seen and experienced the damage caused by the 2008 banking crisis due to the insatiable greed of the banks. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founding father of Bitcoin, soon afterwards shared with the world his idea of a digital money that would not be subject to any authority and that could not be manipulated even by governments. A symbol of freedom in a world in crisis was born.

This movement initiated by few individuals behind their screens has grown and continues to grow. The December 2017 Bullrun revealed the name Bitcoin to the world and its democratization took its first big leap. Today, the number of users continues to grow. Teenagers, Fathers, Mothers, Garage owners, Bakers, Lawyers, everyone has the right to be able to hold their freedom in their hands. It is a revolution that is spreading through all strata of society. Our technologies have evolved and it's time for this mean of transaction that is money to enter a new era.

Nowadays, it is often accepted that the choice of brands we decide to wear turns out to be a mirror of our own moral values. Just like the flags of countries, clothing allows us to express our own identity, thoughts, state of mind. It allows us to express values without even having to speak. 

The Bitcoin Shop exhorts everyone (experts,enthusiasts or newbies) has this passion for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to help democratising the technology that is set to change our world for the better. By proudly wearing your outfit, you are already contributing to spread the word that Bitcoin is here to stay. Small actions when pursued by a strongly motivated community lead to big results.. We advise you to visit “The Bitcoin Shop” and choose the outfit that represents you the best.

If you went through the very end of this article, I would like to sincerely thank you and I wish you will spread the word about Bitcoin and Blockchain around you.

Enis Dakoumi

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